Pakistani Men's Fashion for Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of blessing for all. The fashion trends of Pakistan change slightly in Ramdan. Whenever we talk about Fashion most of the people always thinks of women fashion, but today we are going to discuss the Fashion dress for men in Ramadan – The  Shalwar Kameez. Men Shalwar Kameez is also referred as Kurta pajama. Shalwar Kameez is also referred as women shalwar kameez but here we are only going to talk about Men shalwar kameez. Men Shalwar Kameez consist of two to three parts. Shalwar, Kameez and Chaddar.
Different fabrics are used to make these dresses.

Fabrics that are used in women shalwar kameez are mostly different then that is used for Men shalwar Kameez. Different designs are made for Men shalwar kameez. Some come with collar and some without collar. Some men prefer to wear their shalwar kameez with chaddar and some dont.

This is the bottom portion of this dress that is wide and usually uses drawstring as belt. Shalwar is of ankle length. Upper portion of shalwar is usually covered with long shirt that is worn as top part of dress called Kameez.

This is the top portion of this dress that can have short to long sleeves. Length of kameez is up to knees. Men do not prefer to have embellishment on their kameez but often times embroidery is done on the chest part of this dress. Kameez can be made of any fabric but often same fabric is used as shalwar. Mostly Cotton is used for Men shalwar Kameez.

This part of dress is optional and only worn by some Men. These days chaddar is worn by Men attending large gathering like wedding ceremonies. It is a size of 5x7. Mostly men in Punjab or Sindh choose to wear chaddar with their shalwar kameez.

There are different types of Men Shalwar Kameez styles available these days. Kameez without collar is often called Kurta. Designer have come up with some amazing looking Kurtas these days. Old fashion kurta which is still widely popular these days is of light see through fabric without collar.

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