Match making for B-Town's single girls

Sonam Kapoor is playing matchmaker; and she has found the perfect guy for some actresses of B- Town. Sonam Kapoor's Aisha releases. The film is a coming of age story of a girl (Aisha) who has a keen interest in matchmaking and tries to fix up everyone around her. We thought it would be a good idea to ask her to find mates for some single actresses. Read on for Sonam's take on Mr Right for B-Town's single girls...

Katrina Kaif: A guy from a business family and has a stable background. She has worked hard since a very young age and deserves to be nurtured and pampered.

Priyanka Chopra: A successful doctor (like her parents). Someone as intelligent and as spunky as her. He should be able to match her energy and wits. And should understand her love for her work and get along with her family.

Kangna Ranaut: A sensitive artiste would be perfect for her. She needs someone strong and talented who she can relate to. And someone who respects the artiste in her.

Asin: She is a huge star, so she needs someone normal in her life to balance it out. And any normal businessman would be great.

Genelia D' Souza: A cricketer. She has a childlike enthusiasm and energy that most girls lose very early and sportsmen tend to be born with. She needs someone to match her vivacity with his boundless stamina

Vidya Balan: A director. She is an actor who can become a muse to any artist and her gentle and nurturing nature can make any artist grow and become better at what they do.

Deepika Padukone: An actor. He should be outgoing and love food. She loves the outdoors and sports, so he has to have the same interests.

Sonakshi Sinha: A politician!! Her father is a dominating influence in her life and if she found a guy who has something in common with her dad, it will be perfect.

Celina Jaitly: A UN ambassador. Celina has a social conscience plus a lust for life. Someone who travels and has a strong sense of right and wrong will be perfect for her.

Ameesha Patel: An industrialist who is extremely well educated and has a love for Hindi movies. She was on the Dean's list in college and few people can match her intelligence. She loves the movies and needs someone who shares her enthusiasm.

Rani Mukerji: She is too successful and too talented a human being to be with anyone mediocre or normal. Her guy needs to be extremely successful, intelligent and a talented self-made man, who loves her and her family as much as she does.

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