Man killed by exploding mobile phone

In a country where remote farmers and corporate suits share a similar passion for mobile phones, a lot of strange things can happen. Such is the case in Bandha village where a 23-year old man was killed by an exploding cell phone. The man, identified as Gopal Gujjar, was tending to grazing cattle and reportedly talking on his cell phone when it literally explode in his face. In the aftermath of the explosion, the unfortunate man was found dead with burns to his left ear, neck, and shoulders. Pieces of his cell phone, a Nokia 1209 if you were wondering, were found scattered around him.

Interestingly enough, this is one of the first reported cases in India of a cell phone exploding when it was not charging. Other incidents of deadly mobile phones and phone explosions have been reported but many of them occurred while the phone was plugged in and charging. Wonder what happened to this Nokia 1209 that caused it to explode with such fury?
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