Mahnoor Blooch Poses for Sateen by Nisha

 The Nisha collection was quite simply a celebration of summer, of soft breezes and sweet smelling motiaas, of ice creams and chilled mint tea. It was the amalgamation of all the elements of form, structure and embroidery that was so much a part of Pakistan’s rich heritage and folklore. The intense color and print variations on soft lawns created for an eye-catching presentation of design and imagery. If there is one world that could aptly define the collection, it’s ‘Bahar.’

Nishat has taken Nisha lawn to new heights this summer. With over a hundred prints, there is something for everyone. Plus, you can also buy just a dupatta or combine three prints to create your own individual fashion style. Nishat has already launched the Nisha boutique. Their ready-to-wear promises to make fashion accessible to all with the introduction of Kalis, volume and the costume of the gypsies as the new trend.
The red rose whispers of passion and the white rose breathe of love. Sateen Collection 2010 by Nisha Gallery is a cream-white rose bud, with a flush on its petal tips; for the love that is purest and sweetest and has a kiss of desire on its lips.
A Collection that beautifully encapsulates all the emotions of love with its enchanting color combinations; passion, sensuality and innocence all fused together with an utmost care.
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