Kidman's new $10m drive-in penthouse

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban have splashed out $10million on a luxurious Manhattan penthouse apartment, into which they can drive their car. Kidman and Urban's new pad in Chelsea comes with an 'en suite Sky Garage', a car elevator that will let them take their limo all the way up to the 6th floor, according to the New York Post. The building, which has stunning Hudson River views, is the first in New York City to get the feature.
The three-bedroom apartment measures 3,248sq-ft and comes with two terraces,
a double height Great Room and a sprawling master suite. The apartment was originally listed at $12.5m.
Kidman, 43, and Urban, 42, live most of the year in Nashville, Tennessee, but also have homes in Australia and Los Angeles. The garages sit within the tower’s 1-ft-thick concrete core. They have 'crash walls', fire doors and mechanical ventilation.
The building, which faces the Hudson River, has a 16-story tower, 82 ft x 42 ft in plan, sitting on a three-story plinth, 99 ft x 75 ft in plan. The garage and car lift are 45 ft long and project 8 ft from the back east-facing wall. Each typical duplex takes up half of either the north or south footprint.
Units are staggered vertically, with the kitchen and living space of one adjacent to bedroom space of another. The 350-sq-ft garage is assigned to the apartment with the kitchen on that level, according to Marc Pittsley, project manager for Selldorf Architects.
Every duplex has access to a common hallway at both levels, which contains fire stairs and garage access. Drivers enter the site through a gate on the west side, drive to the back of the site, turn left into the car lift, ride to the appropriate floor and back out of the lift into the garage.
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