How to pick the best Necktie for you

Fashion don’t ever gets old with time, Its just the people start thinking differently. The Fashion trends for Men are as important as for women. Most of the time, we always talk about the women fashion and trends in the society. Today we are going to discuss the fashion styling tips for Men’s neck tie. The men should be very picky and choosey when it comes to neck tie.  Men typically own a considerable amount of necktie. Rarely would you find men that only have like two to four pieces in their closet. Having a huge collection can also have its disadvantage.
Imagine yourself dressing up for work in the morning. You only have fifteen minutes before your boss tags you late. You put on your dress shirt and then you open your closet and voila! You are faced with a hundred or so ties. Which do you wear? If you have a collection composed of more than a dozen neckties, making a choice at that very instant can be very tricky.
To help you out with that dilemma, here are top tie choices so you could leave and get to work on time:

  1. Bold Silk. Silk neckties are the main mast of any corporate attire. As a matter of fact, trends for the everyday office place great significance on the function of the classic style of silk ties. If you're rushing in the morning to get to the office and you do not know what tie to choose from your huge collection, wear a bold colored tie in silk. You can never go wrong with it.

  2. Fail-safe style choices that always work especially if you're in a hurry are strong and deep colors like burgundy or plum in the red family, or purple and indigo in the blues. To nick your style a little further, you can wear lighter hues like pale pink or lilac, but do so only with solid or a matching shirt to make your entire get up look coordinated and not messy. Remember that the latter option needs more guts to wear, as they are characteristically "feminine."

  3. Power ties in any of the accustomed power tie colors like rouge red or royal blue are only for the ballsy males. Take it to the extreme and get noticed with these ties. Command influence when wearing power ties as they are fairly effective when it comes to this aspect. However, it's not very ideal to wear these in the office unless you sit in one of the corner offices with your own view.

  4. Slim Black ties are perfect when you're in so much hurry and you don't want to be bothered with fashion rules and colors. Your tie and dress shirts' color can match or they can't and you can't care less. You just need something that can go well with the clothes that you are currently wearing. You're in luck because men's fashion can provide you with just what you need: a classy and omnipresent slim black tie.
You can be a man with a high sense of fashion or a typical nerd without one but you should remember not to enter the workforce without at least owning your own piece of the style fix-all-the slim black necktie. It can always pull you through whether you wear it with a V-neck tee for a rave party, or over a crisp Charvet shirt for an elite wedding. Casual or otherwise, party like a rock star or be the trendy corporate guy, your slim black tie will never be out of style.
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