Audience love Salman: Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan has been roped in once again to host it. Though, Sony TV has yet not announced the day on which KBC 4 will go on air. However, the broadcaster will not remain the same. The show has now shifted from Star Plus to Sony Television but the faces behind the curtain will be same as Siddhartha Basu remains director and creative head. Q: How does it feel to be back on television, hosting a show you had left behind after the second season?

A: I feel very nostalgic. Other than the channel changes, most of the crew is the same with Siddharth Basu and his team. It’s good to be among familiar faces again.

Q: The show is starting on your birthday. Does that make it special?

A: The exact date has yet to be announced. I believe the channel is considering the 11th. If that happens, then yes, it does become special. Birthdays are always special.

Q: Salman Khan has taken over Bigg Boss as host after you. What would your message to him be?

A: The channel had told me that they would be going for someone like him. I am happy that they have taken Salman. I have seen him host his previous game show and he was most innovative and fun. I am certain he will be very good on this show as well. The audience loves him, as I am certain the inmates of the house will too.

Q: Television seems to be occupying the forefront of your commitments. Is that a conscious decision?

A: No, it is not, but it is a facet of entertainment that artistes get involved in. I have never minded exploring fresh avenues. I think it’s a challenging format and a lot tougher… tougher because there are no set lines. Most of it is impromptu and on the spur of the moment. For people like me who are accustomed to pre-written dialogues, it then does become challenging.

Q: You will also be taking time off to start Puri Jagannath’s film Bhuddha this year? Would you be able to accommodate both television and movies without feeling burdened?

A: Yes, I would be able to. It’s more a matter of scheduling than anything else. There will be gaps in the TV format for dates and that is when films could be accommodated.

Q: What would the next film from your home production be?

A: There are a few projects that we are looking at. After the success of Paa, our production house is now being looked at with renewed interest. We would want that interest to continue.
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