Wateen Negative Balance Waiver Offer

Wateen has waived off all negative balance of the customers .Now if any account balance is in negative for more than one month line rent then it will be auto adjusted to one month line rent after 2 days of his billing date. e.g. if customer account billing date is 8th then his account balance will be shown with one month line rent on 10th.

That means now you no more need to freeze your account if you don't want to use it for some specific period of time and whenever you want to use it you can just recharge it for 1 month only and you can use service there are no more restrictions now to recharge it for every month.

Wateen has made its service a lot better than before as you can see that Wateen is offering Loan facility, Mac Binding Facility and Negative balance waiver facility now there are no more restriction to its users. Wateen has eliminate them as they were iritating customers.

Please leave your comments below to let all know what do you want wateen to do to make its service better:
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