The Youth of Pakistan – Nation Builder

We are called the "Youth of Pakistan" as well as the "Nation Builders" - however, we are really nullifying the rewards given to us by our mother land (the very country which is a result of the countless sacrifices of our forefathers, for the attainment of their descendants' liberty , prosperity and prestige). What we are giving to this country is simply nothing. We are the "Young Seagulls”, trying to fly without feathers.

Unknown destinations are followed by us and in their pursuit; we have to face such consequences that may turn our whole life into a mess. The shackles of traditions encircle us throughout our life. Whenever there rises up something new in our mind, it is pressed down as being a "rebellious thought".

So how, such a paralyzed mind and body can serve its nation? In fact, the "Nation Builders" themselves need overhauling. Unless and until, we develop an optimistic thinking, unshackled of the dead traditions, our journey to the country's prosperity cannot reach its destination. We should not lose the right path simply seeing what kind of absurdities and unfair means are already being followed over here, rather we should exemplify good patterns of behavior for the coming generations.
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