The world's biggest drawing of 13miles across

This spectacular artwork is the world's largest drawing and at 12.5 square miles it would be able to find room for 4,469 Wembley football pitches. Etched onto the surface of Lake Baikal, in Russia's windswept and frozen Siberia, it was created by land artist extraordinaire Jim Denevan and his team in March of this year.
Commissioned by clothing firm Anthropologie to create the work for their advertising tie-in series The Anthropologist, Jim, 49, spent 15 days on the surface of Lake Baikal completing the drawing. Using the frozen black ice beneath the white snow as a canvas, Jim and his team lived in a native tent, or 'yurt' which was set up on the frozen ice surface.
Drawn using snow ploughs for the enormous circular lines and shovels for the smallest 18-inch circumference lines, Jim set his pattern using a mathematical Fibonacci curve which contains over one thousand separate circles. Jim 'drew' his creation before the team begun using a simple bike and stick, which he rode around lining his artwork into the snow.
'This is the largest drawing in the world and beats my previous record which was a sand drawing in the desert of Nevada, which had a circumference of nine miles,' said California resident Jim.
'This drawing is almost ten percent bigger than that, but was designed differently to take into account the shore line of the lake.'
'The circle to the right on the Fibonacci curve holds the same dimensions as my Nevada drawing, but of course it is not a total circle because of the lake's geography.'  
'We originally wanted to go to the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica to do this drawing, but after some research I realised that this part of Lake Baikal behaved similarly to the deserts I was used to,' said Jim.
'They usually experience a prolonged period of low pressure over the lake, which means that even though the temperatures are generally around five or ten below zero, it doesn't snow.'
'That meant that we could part the snow on top of the lake ice and create the drawing without interruptions.' 
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